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Tuff Coat Rubber Non-Skid Paint UT100 Sand Gallon Can

Item #:139085 
Tuff Coat Rubber Non-Skid Paint UT100 Sand Gallon Can
Quantity Price
1.0 99.84
Performance Specifications
 Single pack
 Wide color range
 No VOCs or Isocyanates
 Easy to apply
It is recommended that you apply two (2) coats of TUFF COAT coating for light or average traffic areas and three (3) coats for heavy traffic areas. It is important to build up the TUFF COAT coating and do not attempt to achieve desired thickness in one coat. In order to avoid cracking, do not allow the TUFF COAT to pool. Mixing TUFF COAT Use a drill mixer (approximately 250-500 RPM) with a metal mixing blade. Do NOT insert the mixing blade to the bottom of the TUFF COAT immediately. While mixing, slowly submerge the mixing blade into the TUFF COAT; make sure that you are distributing the rubber aggregate throughout the can/pail. You will periodically need to mix TUFF COAT throughout the application process in order to maintain that the rubber aggregate stays suspended.

TUFF COAT is only as good as the surface that it adheres to. Never assume that a surface is clean unless you have cleaned it yourself. Please ensure that the surface (substrate) is sound, dry, and free of all wax, oil, grease, and loose materials. It is essential that you properly clean the surface that is to be coated. You must remove all grease, oil, and other contaminants from the surface. Do NOT leave any residue. If there is any question of contamination, clean thoroughly with a commercial degreaser, such as ZEP Purple or Simple Green, or laundry detergent and a scrub brush. Do NOT use solvent-based products for cleaning purposes. Soap and water only.

Roller Application ONLY USE TUFF COAT ROLLERS. Available through TUFF COAT or TUFF COAT Distributors. Other rollers are not developed to pick up and spread the TUFF COAT evenly. Our TUFF COAT roller is specifically designed to lift the rubber material and distribute it to the surface properly. Lightly dampen roller with water. Pour TUFF COAT into paint tray or apply directly from the 5-gallon pail. Completely saturate roller with TUFF COAT, leaving no bare spots on the roller. Apply the first coat as a thin coat. Re-saturate the roller after each pass. Make 4 to 5 consecutive passes in the same direction, with each pass right next to the other. When applying, roll in one direction first, then roll in the opposite direction in order to properly blend the product and create a uniform textured surface. Once an area (remember 4 to 5 passes) is covered, it is helpful to run the roller very lightly over the surface to ensure even distribution of color and rubber. Repeat this process next to the previously coated section to ensure that the areas blend together. When the surface is touch dry you may apply the next coat. You will repeat the first coat instructions for subsequent applications, but be sure to apply the TUFF COAT at a right angle to the previous application.


Tuff Coat