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GBRU_Lime Green_1Gl Cn GelCoat_FCIGG-298-B Brushable

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  FGCIs Brushable Gelcoat is a unique proprietary product with excellent leveling characteristics, allowing application by paintbrush or roller without leaving brush marks or streaking. The ease of application makes this the perfect gelcoat for repairs and small parts production with no wax needed. 
 Brushable Gelcoat consists of an high quality (ISO/NPG) resin based system and superior additives that determine the final properties of the product, such as: 
- Excellent leveling 
- Water/Osmosis resistance 
- UV light stability 
- Gloss retention 
- Long term durability 
 Brushable Gelcoat is formulated to be applied like paint and eliminates the need of spray equipment. 
 Excessive brushing may cause pinholes. 
 A second coat may be required to achieve full hide/coverage when applying to darker surfaces. 
 FGCIs Brushable Gelcoat is suited for a variety of applications, including: 
- Marine repair 
- Sanitary ware 
- In-mold or post mold coatings 
- Fiberglass Reinforced Parts (FRP) applications 
- Small part production 

Directions for use: 

Step 1: The application site should be wiped clean of contaminants such as dust and debris. If coating a mold, the mold must be waxed, buffed, and prepped prior to catalyzing the Brushable Gelcoat. 
Step 2: Brushable Gelcoat must be stirred/agitated before use, preferably with a mechanical agitator. Be careful not to whip air into Brushable Gelcoat. 
Step 3: We recommend a catalyst loading of 1.5 to 2% MEKP with a working surface and Gelcoat temperature of about 77°F. Please refer to Catalyst Concentration Chart for quantities. Mix thoroughly. 
Step 4: For best results, Brushable Gelcoat should be applied with smooth brush strokes yielding a wet film thickness of 12-14 mils in out of mold applications (measured using depth gauge). A minimum of 20 mils are required in a mold. 
Step 5: In general, a second coat can be applied prior to complete cure of the initial coat, unless the Gelcoat contains wax. 
Step 6: Gelcoat should be cured before sanding and buffing. Allowing to cure overnight is preferred. 
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